Outpatient Program

Out Patient Program

Traditional Outpatient treatment program is fully licensed by the State of California. We are a full-service evidence-based program that provides high quality, cost-effective alcohol and substance abuse treatment for adults and youths. We believe and practice the philosophy that effective treatment must address the whole person- psychological, emotional and behavioral. Our agency is unique in providing therapeutic services in connection with social issues, as well as spiritual and vocational issues must all be addressed in order for the person struggling to find freedom.

Faith-based Outpatient treatment is fully licensed by the State of California which offers a spiritual yet clinical approach to treatment. This approach concentrates on evidenced-based model of renewing the mind, strengthening the spirit man, and teaching individuals spiritual practices and behavior modifications necessary to function. Christians’ receive biblical and inspirational counseling as a way to strengthen their faith and belief in God. As a faith-based organization, we believe religion can help turn a life around and is a fundamental tool towards success for some clients. Our policy states that involvement in religious activities is not a requirement for all clients and that each person attends the church of their choice.

One on One Counseling
Each client’s individual one on one counseling session is determined based on treatment plans established. Date/times are scheduled as needed. Sessions are held for one (1) hour.

Case Management
Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy to meet an individual’s treatment and promote quality cost-effective outcomes.

Anger Management
The ability for a person to control his/her temperament, particularly in stressful situations; to show proper behavior and/or disagree appropriately without losing control of one’s emotions.

Domestic Violence
Counselor’s helps batterers and victims examine their lives and understand the reasons for domestic violence. Batters learn how to walk away from explosive situations and resolve problems without using violence and intimidation. While the victims learn the cycle of violence, power and control. We work directly with probation and mandated reporting.

Parenting Classes
The class gives adults a framework to think about their actions as parents and discover what children truly need to thrive as healthy human beings. Parents learn methods that teach them to create the best possible connection with children. They learn to become emotional coaches to their children; building unconditional acceptance, affection, appreciation, autonomy and attention.

Re-entry Program
We help parolees seeks ways of improving the successful re-integration back into society, by providing them with the resources, linkages and support from supportive agencies and faith-based organization.

Drug Testing
We take great pride in the knowledge that our drug screening is among the most comprehensive tests available today.

Relapse Prevention
Our relapse prevention program is designed to identify the recurrent pattern of problems that causes relapses and resolve the pain associated with those problems.  Participants learn how to manage the pain and guilt that is associated with relapse. Participants will gain knowledge of the warning signs that set them up to use again. These warning once identified recovering people can learn to manage the relapse warning signs.

Christ Centered 12 Step Meetings

Along with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous Free N One offer Christ Centered 12 Step meetings. Each Step is supported by scripture. (see Directory)

Also offered – Anger Management – Treatment Planning – Referral to In House Treatment Facilities & Sober living homes.

Call: (323) 855-4695
Monday – Saturday 9:30 a.m.

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