Message from C.E.O.

When God calls you to ministry, victory, the finish line, whatever that looks like to you should be your goal. Because you are called by God you eat, sleep, breath that calling. No matter what the task is, you have to be thoroughly convinced that God has called you to this task.

I have been called to help addicts and alcoholics find freedom by educating the Church, bringing the Church together as ONE in this area called addiction.  God has strategically position churches throughout each neighborhood that will play a significant role in winning this battle. All we ask is each Church pick a day or night in which they will hold there meeting, ran by a person from your church.

I walked into the Church (Un-Churched) with a $800 a-day cocaine habit. Without going into my whole story I was on the front line for Satan for most of my young adult life selling drugs. After falling in love with our Lord and Savior and being educated about Gods power I became angry because I found out that Satan was using me to entrap other and also steal my life. I have always been a frontline soldier (BC) “before Christ”. Now with knowledge and Gods Power I am a soldier for the Lord and I am angry. The streets taught me “get them before they get you”. Today I spend my waking moments asking God how we can give Satan a black eye. God told me to go back into the neighborhood and get those that are still suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  I have dedicated my life to designing a program that works for the most powerful organization in our neighborhood, the Church.

There is no way one church can defeat this demon on their own. The body has to come together as ONE with one goal in mind. WINNING THIS BATTLE!  God has blessed us to cross denominations, bringing churches together to fight this battle.

Here are some of the things we must do for this program to work.

  1. Have a safe and inviting place for the addict and alcoholic to find freedom. They need to know what is said in that meeting stays in that meeting.
  2. Have a program in place that is so inviting that addicts and alcoholic will want to come back again and again. The person facilitating your meeting must be compassionate, engaging and knowledgeable.
  3. The program has to be clinically and spiritually sound, so that each person will learn how to be free, but also become the person God has called for them to be.

How it works.

Every church from Los Angeles to New York has the same format. When a person seeking help comes to a meeting, they need to know that every time they walk into a Free N One meeting they know what to expect. We teach, share our experiences, and learn how to be free through change.

The Bible say’s my people perish for a lack of knowledge. We believe that we have been call to distract “recovery truths” from the Word of God and packaged it for a time such as this. We can no longer wait on outside agencies to do the work that God has called us to do.   We are so ripe for a miracle. We come in the matchless name of Jesus Christ to reclaim our communities, our neighborhoods and our people back. Join us!

Dr. Ronald Simmons

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