Free N One is a faith-based approach to treatment with Cognitive Behavioral Interventions and Therapy (CBT).

Stay Woke

Stay woke: is sponsored by Free N One drug and alcohol program. Free N One believes that alcohol and drug addictions are symptoms of sinful behavior, negative emotions that lead to negative consequences. Free N One believes that the disease of addiction centers in the mind of the addicted person. Free N One believes persons using drugs and alcohol and their love ones are affected by their using must seek help. Free N One believes that this help is found in establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and learning how to be free.

“Honesty starts in prayer”

Surely one of our biggest hurdles when walking through the doors of recovery is being honest. For many it takes years to separate “fact from fiction”. To survive in drug and alcohol environment lying and deceit is a must.  So we walk into freedom trying to fit in but we bring that lying spirit with us.  Then there are those who don’t want people to know who they really are, they believe they will not be accepted by the group so they put up a facade, a front, to be accepted by the group. Then there are those who have no clue who they are. They live like a “chameleon” lifestyle honesty is far from them, and they don’t know it.

Prayer is a great place to start with being honest. To the best of our ability we talk to God hoping he will accept us and meet us where we are. Prayer brings humility because we know we can’t fool God. “Here I am Lord, this is me”. Prayer is a great place to practiced honesty. Slowly but surely that practice is transferred outside of prayer.

The rooms of recovery is another great place to practiced honesty around others. Here no one can judge you, here everyone has a past. Honesty just doesn’t show up, we have to make a conscience decision to be honest, it’s a practice.

Stay Woke: It’s hard to lie to God, start there!


Reaching the goals that God has set be for us by examining ourselves daily

The joy of being free can sometimes bring on new problems.  Once we adapt to a schedule that seems to be working in our lives we try not to do anything that will disrupt this new found freedom. Going to work, making our meetings, and taking care of those things that have been set before us like paying our bills on time, planned clothes washing day, scheduled house cleaning day, if we can accomplish this, we are batting a thousand.

Slowly but surely God begins to ask for more of us. Just being clean and sober is not enough. In some areas He’s like the mother bird pushing you out the nest, making you take steps that are very uncomfortable. In other ways it like peeling an onion. When working with our sponsors or daily examining ourselves and facing our negative behaviors recovery now demands we face make a changes in our character that have become defects.

Here we see God moving us to a higher level, and for those who hesitate have to examine their relationship with God. The puzzle of who we are and will become has a million pieces, and it takes God to put this puzzle together.

Stay Woke: We didn’t come this far to come this far. The process of recovery is ongoing. It’s not by accident you face these challenges at this time. Challenges will change you and help you to be the person God wants you to be.

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