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Does God have a plan “B” for drug and alcohol addiction?

We all know that God’s plan “A” for drug and alcohol recovery is lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. We’ve all witness miracles in our lives or others’ lives where with one touch God has miraculously heal delivered and set free.  We’ve witness the power of God moving on the behalf of an addict/alcoholic and with one touch that person never drank or used again.

But what happens to the addict/alcoholic that we pray for lay hands on and they continue to drink and use? Does God have a “Plan B” for them?

Yes! He does and it is called the process of recovery. A biblically based plan that is also clinically sound.  The process of recovery which was made famous by the anonymous program is the most successful program known to man today. Many people don’t know but the 12 Steps which is a major part of the process of recovery came out of the Bible and was first used by a church called the Oxford Group in 1935. The Steps were modified in 1939 to what we know today as The 12 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous. Since then the 12 Steps are used as a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems.

The process of recovery deals directly with the “free will” of man, that mysterious part of every person that God allows to run free. The “free will” of man that says’s yes or no or does right or wrong. For the most part God will not change a person’s will. But God has an uncanny way of getting a person’s attention. Some say “pain is a motivator” and for those that were enslaved by drugs or alcohol addiction that pain ran us right into the arms of Christ Jesus.

God’s plan “B” is one of the most successful evidence based programs known to man. It gets no credit of being a program developed by the Church and many programs that use its philosophy have tried to take God’s principles out of the program, but many are led back to Christ.

With meth, heroin and other designer drugs on the rise, marijuana soon to be legal the Church has to move to the front line of fighting this disease called addiction.  God’s people are dying from a lack of knowledge and the knowledge has been here all time.

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