Church Support Group Training

What We Need From Your Church

Each Pastor will select members of their congregation that will be trained in facilitating meetings and being a part of this ministry.

How to good facilitator ?

  • Advertise in the Church bulletin, and announce from the podium.

Who makes a good facilitator?

  • Those that have been delivered from all mind altering substances (alcohol included).
  • Yes anyone can be on this substance abuse team, but it is our opinion that the best facilitators are recovering people.

Everyone must take the Free N One Training course.

Once they are trained each church will select a day/night to hold a meeting.

Directories will go out listing all the meetings in the area. These directories will be given to hurting people in the community and they will be able to fine help everyday of the week.

The Training

Free N One will conduct a 6 day training.

  • One class will be for those that want to help the addict/alcoholic that is suffering
  • One class will be for the family member (codependent/enabler) that is suffering because of the practicing addict/alcoholic.

The Plan

We ask each church to open up their doors one night a week and host a meeting for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or a meeting for their family member. With each church operating from a standard format we unite the church to fight this battle. Directory’s with each meeting night and time are given out to those in need and they will be able find help at any time.

What They Will Learn

Each Church is trained on how to facilitate a Christ centered 12-step meeting in their local Church. And will be able to assist in peer to peer counseling. Areas taught:

Understanding the Disease of Addiction – Conducting a Successful Meeting in Your Church – The Definition of “Process of Recovery” – Understanding the Practicing Addict/Alcoholic - Understanding The Person in Recovery – Understanding and preventing Relapse & Relapse Justification (Addict Thinking) – The Church Response and how to support – The 12 Spiritual Ways to Recovery – Road Map To Recovery – Be smart not strong – Recognizing character defects and tools to change

Tough Love (Relief for the Family Member)

Free N One trains members of local churches on how to provide help to family members and significant others who are affected by a love one’s drug and alcohol problem.  Free N One, Tough Love Ministry endeavors to assist family members in breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior in relationships. This training endeavors to assist family members in breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior in relationships. This is accomplished through the use of biblical principles and insights presented by the 12 Step program.

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